Our Instagram following:

127 500 followers
reaching 220 000 unique users / visitors per month
1.5 million monthly impressions

Demographics: 90% Women, majority being aged 25-35, 95% South Africa, 5% International, 45% Cape Town, 40%, Johannesburg / Pretoria, 5% Durban


Our facebook following:

95 300 followers
reaching 140 000 unique users / visitors per month

Demographics: 92% Women, majority being aged 25-35, 95% South Africa, 5% International, 40% Cape Town, 53%, Johannesburg / Pretoria, 8% Durban


Our PINTEREST following:

75 629 followers
reaching 140 000 unique users / visitors per month
1.8 million monthly impressions

Demographics: 90% International, 10% South African


our RATES for 2019

Instagram / facebook stories: Each of our stories get between ±2000 - 6000 views.

ONCE OFF STORY: R1000 (ex vat) - perfect for a once off promotion e.g. event, SALE etc. 24 hours only.

Unfortunately we don’t promote giveaways that you are running on your own platform.

Instagram / facebook STORY EDITORIAL: R4500 (ex vat)

- We share 5 images on our stories (client to provide all images)
- Mention your instagram handle + link through
- Swipe up to visit website link on the last story
- Saved to our Instagram story highlights for the week
- Stats report

Instagram / Facebook post: R2000 (ex vat) per platform (lives on our feed) 

Each of our posts are viewed by an average of  ±10 000 - 30 000 users. We mention your Instagram / Facebook handle to link through to your Instagram / Facebook page.


Instagram / Facebook giveaway: R7 500 (ex vat) per giveaway, per platform (including follower growth)

Each of our giveaways reach an average of ±20 000 - 50 000 users and accumulates an average of 500 - 10 000+ comments. Our clients also see a huge follower growth during this period - most brands receive a minimum of 200 - 400 new followers during a giveaway.

Each Instagram giveaway is accompanied with 2-3 Instagram stories. If a giveaway is run on Facebook, the giveaway is accompanied with a R750 boost.

Please note that should brands want to link up to do a group giveaway, we charge R4500 (ex VAT) per brand joining the giveaway.

content creation: Let us create beautiful images for you.

simple styling (close-up): R2000 per photo created (ex vat)

- You send us your products
- We will style and shoot it in a why that fits The Pretty Blog editorial style
- R1500 per photo for 10 or more photos


we also offer Yearly social media packages - on 12 month retainer

If you'd like to work with us over a longer period and schedule the payments monthly, please contact us and we'd love to put together a content plan for your specific needs.

Please take note, our social media prices exclude content creation. Content creation (styled images) starting at R2000 (ex VAT) per image. For more info about content creation or shoots, please contact us.

Please also take note, we do not work on a trade exchange basis. We, just like you, are running a business. It took many years of blood, sweat and tears to build our audience and therefore we work on a paid for exposure basis.

All prices are excluding VAT.





what is the difference between an instagram post, Instagram story & a giveaway?

Don't feel bad for asking! We work with these things all day long and we realise that terminology can be confusing.

An Instagram story, is almost like The Pretty Blog's daily news channel and only visible for 24 hour. It's generally viewed by ±3000 - 5000 users.

An Instagram post however, stays on our Instagram feed permanently and is viewed by an average of ±10 000 - 30 0000 users.

An Instagram giveaway is an Instagram post published for the purpose of running a competition, which includes social sharing and results in follower growth for our sponsor. Giveaways in general reach ±25 000 - 30 000 users, with a follower growth of ±250 - 1200 per giveaway, depending on the nature of the product or brand.


how do your giveaways work?

Giveaways are a fantastic means by which your brand can gain the recognition of our audience and increase its follower count! We will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect gift to give away to one lucky follower, as well as create a suitable post that will drive engagement.

Our followers will then take part by following the competition rules. We usually ask them to follow your profile and tag their friends in the comments, to help spread the word amongst their friends. Once the competition is closed, you will receive a mini campaign report from us, specifying the results achieved through hosting the giveaway, and the winner’s details.


content creation for your brand

If you like our aesthetic and you’re interested in having us create unique content for your brand, we'll happily assist you. Please contact us and we’ll send you some more info. (see rates for photos above)